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Our Story

The Grass Root Greens story begins in a small and cozy West Vancouver kitchen, circa 2010, with two teachers, friends from university, each with a love for all things delicious and energy enhancing.  We are Megan and Anita, and we are the founders of Grass Root Greens!

From the first moment we juiced our own wheat grass we were hooked! Not only did this curious drink increase our energy levels but we also experienced a sudden metabolism lift that made us feel extremely light and clear.

We are passionate about providing products and tools for everyone to make their own wonder drinks and super foods: nut milk, sprouts and wheat grass.

It's remarkable how a little hemp bag can change your life! Often called a nut milk bag, this low tech tool is indispensable for bringing clean, nutrient dense super foods into your kitchen.  We designed our nut milk bags for triple duty:  nut and seed milks, sprouting, and wheat grass juicing for beginners.  

We are conscious of our company's carbon footprint.  Every effort is made to buy locally and to rely on kinetic and alternative energy sources for our production and delivery services.  We think local and act rural.

We supply and work with various companies and agencies including recovery treatment centres in the Lower Mainland. Grass Root Greens is also a supplier for community and corporate events. Our wheat grass centre pieces and seed party favours offer a living focal point with a small carbon footprint for any event. 

We truly believe that adventure is what makes life exciting and meaningful, and the brighter the body, mind & spirit, the brighter the journey of life.  

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products!

"But of all these, and more, that most precious gift of your Earthly Mother is the grass beneath your feet, even that grass which you tread upon without thought."   
- Ann Wigmore
 Grass Root Greens' products and locally made Hemp Nut Milk and Sprouting Bags are proudly sold at these  locations:
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