It's remarkable how our little hemp bag can change your life!
Often called a nut milk bag, this low tech tool is indispensable for bringing clean, nutrient dense super foods into your kitchen. 

We designed our nut milk bags for triple duty:  nut and seed milks, sprouting, and wheat grass juicing for beginners.  
Sprouting Bag Canada
Nut Milk Bag

        Mindfully made right here in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

sprouting bag
A silky smooth nut milk and intact sprout tips
begin with  an exacting weave.
hemp nut milk bag

Forget bags made from petrol-chemicals       - yuk!  We use hemp because it is a sustainable, pesticide-free crop known to take a lot of abuse. 

Grass Root Greens' bags are a necessity for the living real foods kitchen.

For Milking and Juicing

Use to make your own delicious raw nut or seed milk or as a strainer to get the last drop from juicing. 

Designed to work with your Vita-Mix large container, the large nut milk bag can be folded over the blender rim for hands free milking.

For Sprouting

Forget about jars.  Forget plastic baskets with questionable finishes. 

Our hemp bags are the easy way to sprout seeds, nuts, legumes or grains. 

The cloth is woven tightly enough that our bag can sprout even small seeds like chia, alfalfa, clover and broccoli in addition to the big seeds, grains and beans.

Hang the bag from its tab over the sink for easy rinsing and draining. 

Hemp's natural anti-microbial properties and our fabric's weave encourage proper air flow and healthy sprouts. 

The bag's weave will not change despite years of use and the bags are dishwasher safe.

You can even grow micro-greens on the bag! 

      Grass Root Greens' Hemp Nut Milk and Sprouting Bags are available at the following locations:
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